bullet About us...

" OSTIM " was founded in 1990. Our primary activity is equpment sale for shops, warehouses, butcheries and supermarkets.

We expand our activity in 1995. and entered the market of equiping
catering objects after very successefull managing. The equipment we sell is mostly imported from italian and spanish manufactors and the most important are:

Arneg, Intrac, Sirman, Afinox, Filomarket, Mep, Ifi, De Blasi, Kromo, Pizza Group, Itv etc.

Thanks to a thirty - year experience of the owner, architect mr. Danko Žagar, we can offer our clients equiping of their objects with complete service system.
For our clients we:

  • make the complete investment and technical documentation
  • import equipment
  • organize transport and instalation
  • ensure spare parts and service for electrical equipment

We invite you to see our exhibit room in Marčelji 23 A, Viškovo - Rijeka.

OSTIM d.o.o

Contact address:
51 216 VIŠKOVO, Marčelji 23a


051/257-030, 256-971,257-742

E-mail: Ostim E-mail

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